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Product Features

  • · Auto/Manual Mode

    Convenient automatic/manual mode conversion function

  • · 4WAY Unlock

    4 types of authentication function such as Password, RFID Card(NFC), Remote Control and HOMSSEN App.

  • · Two-factor
        Authentication Mode

    Two-factor authentication fuction for user safety

  • · Intrusion Alarm

    The function that alerts you of an intrusion by sounding an alarm when the door is forcibly opened while it is locked.

  • · High Temperature Alarm

    The function for user safety in emergency situations where the lock is automatically released at the same
    time as an alarm sounds when an internal fire or high temperature over 70℃ occurs.

  • · Internal Security Mode

    The fuction to block unlocking from exposed passwords and cards

  • · 1 Minute LOCK

    When password authentication or card recognition is wrong 5 times, an alarm sounds and operation is
    stopped for 1 minute at the same time.

  • · Emergency Power

    The function to use the 9V battery as an emergency power source when the battery is exhausted.

  • · Self-lock

    When the door is closed, it is automatically locked by the attached magnetic sensor.

  • · Low Battery Warning

    When the battery of the lock is low, an alarm sounds and the battery warning light turns on.

  • · Guest Password

    Unique password setting function for guests

  • · Smartphone APP Control

    The function to control lock/unlock through the HOMSSEN App on the smartphone.

Product Specifications

  • · Product Name


  • · Product Type


  • · Product Size

    - Outdoor UNIT 53.6mm(W) X 100mm(H) X 13mm(D)
    - Indoor UNIT (Vertical Type) 53.4mm(W) X 185mm(H) X 38.3mmm(D)
    - Indoor UNIT (Horizonal Type) 185mm(W) X 53.4mm(H) X 38.3mmm(D)

  • · Door Thickness


  • · Power Used

    DC 6V (ALKALINE LR6 AA 1.5V 4EA)
    ※ Lithium-ion rechargeable battery cannot be used

  • · Emergency Power

    USB C TYPE 5V auxiliary battery

  • · Battery Life

    - About 1 year when using password or card (10 times/day)
    - About 8 months when using password or card or remote control (10 times/day)

  • · Card Specifications

    Mifare (ISO14443A), Felica (ISO18092)

  • · Wireless Device Type


  • · Unlock Method

    4 types of Password, RFID Card(NFC), Remote Control or HOMSSEN App

  • · Maximum User Memory

    10 user passwords, 1 master password, 100 guest passwords, 100 cards, 5 remote controls

  • · Locking Device Material


  • · Operating Temperature

    -30℃ ~ 60℃

  • · IoT [OPTION]

    BLE Pack (for short distance) or BLE Pack & HOMSSEN Wi-Fi BRIDGE (for far distance)

  • · Waterproof and Dustproof

    IPX5 (Outdoor unit)

Product Use

  • · Locking device for entrances to places that require security and convenience, such as offices, homes, and guest houses.

Installation and Usage Video

  • Coming Soon

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